A world awash, in need of more help than is available.


  • Up, Down, Left, Right arrows for movement, including dialogue screen choices
  • On mobile you can swipe in these directions (NOTE: I found it very hard to use on mobile because of the ladders and dialogue screen)


  • Rain
  • Animated dialogue screens
  • Choices in said dialogue screens
  • An easter egg item in a hidden maze
  • Different endings dependent on your choices
  • A negotiator's dilemma with a keen adversary
    • Outcomes can differ if you falter or if you manipulate the situation
  • Inventory!
  • Flooded basements

A vanilla Bitsy game.  Both my first itch.io game and my first publicly available game.  Having spent years making weird prototypes, unreleased titles (they're coming!), research games, and "serious" games for rehabilitation, I figured why not use Bitsy as an excuse to create something small, contained, to be released to the public. Then I spent two weeks on it anyways, and here we are..

Many thanks to monstersandmaidens, cyber_robin, & youthexcuse for playtesting, and just being great - always.


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Chilling! I liked how I never felt sure if giving my resources away was a good idea - from the moment I got some kindling, the nasty, greedy temptation to keep it to myself immediately sunk in - especially when I got little more than a 'thanks' for handing it over to some people. Made me feel guilty (in a good way!) for wanting more from people I was helping. Not seeing anyones faces, the constant rain, the feeling of hopelesness - it's a really impressive amount of atmosphere you've got out of what seems like a simple game maker. Great job!

This is a very kind comment, and it means a lot.  Thanks for playing - I'm glad you enjoyed it!